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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

What Are ADIN Implants?

Dr. Vincent Wan


Not all dental implants are made the same.  Dental implants are precision titanium tooth root replacements and need to be designed and manufactured with the utmost care for long term success.  At Central Brisbane Dental, after thorough researching of all the brands available, we choose ADIN dental implants.

ADIN dental implants have been available since 1992.  ADIN is today an international leader in implant design and manufacturing of dental implants and their associated components and equipment.  The company works closely with dentists and dental specialists in private practice, public hospitals and dental schools in leading universities.  They consistently produce high quality, innovative, technologically-advanced dental implant products at a reasonable price.

ADIN prescribes strictly to what they call a “balance of excellence”.  There are many high quality dental implants available on the market.  However, most of these come with a very expensive price tag.  ADIN’s philosophy has been to provide a high quality dental implant at a very reasonable price.  With their dental implants today, they have undoubtedly succeeded in balancing excellence in product with product affordability.  They are still continuing their research every day.  An accurate but well-priced intraoral scanner for implant planning and implant restoration is their latest effort.

An overly complex dental implant system can make an otherwise straight forward procedure a very stressful one.  With some systems, there may be a long list of steps, components and equipment.  ADIN removes the complexity from implant dentistry, with simplified steps, components and equipment.  Dentists and dental specialists alike find their system easy to use.  This can only lead to less risk of complications and higher long term success with use of the ADIN dental implant system.  Like their motto, the ADIN dental implant system and the dental implants themselves truly “leave limits behind”.  There are many factors that determine dental implant success.  With this system, every case has a great chance at success in terms of the implant, components and equipment.