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BDSc (Hons) (Qld)
Dr Allen Wan was born and bred in Brisbane. His parents immigrated to Brisbane from Hong Kong a few years before he was born. He went to primary school at Warrigal Road State School in Eight Mile Plains and high school at Brisbane Grammar School on Spring Hill. At both schools, he was awarded yearly prizes for academic excellence.

It was during these early school years when Allen was captivated by dentistry. His older sister, Annetta, had graduated from dental school and was completing her master degree and PhD in paediatric dentistry (children’s dentistry). His older brother, Vincent, was going through dental school at the time. Both had interesting stories of their days at the dinner table, so Allen decided that he too would become a dentist like his 2 older siblings. Annetta is now a specialist paediatric dentist on the Gold Coast who has lectured in dentistry for the University of Queensland and Griffith University. Vincent is now owner and principal dentist at First Dental Studio and Central Brisbane Dental in the Brisbane CBD.

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Dr Allen Wan received his Bachelor of Dental Science Degree with First Class Honours from the University of Queensland in 2009. During his training, he would help Vincent at his first dental practice, First Dental Studio, as a dental assistant to gain experience in the dental field. Upon graduation, he joined Vincent to form a Brother Dentist Team at Central Brisbane Dental. Allen also works with Vincent at First Dental Studio. Allen works Mondays and Thursdays at First Dental Studio and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Central Brisbane Dental.

Allen’s wife, Carmen, is also a dentist. They went to dental school together and developed a close relationship while helping each other get through the difficult dental training years. Dental school is notorious for its long days where you have to juggle going to lecturers with laboratory sessions in between treating patients at the school clinics and dental hospital. They still go to dental continuing education courses now hand in hand.

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Outside of dentistry, Allen loves fashion. He enjoys buying and matching designer shirts, trousers with jackets and shoes. Frequently, there are packages delivered to work from online stores with his name on them. His fashion sense can be seen when he walks into the dental practices each morning.

Allen also loves going to the movies with Carmen. They enjoy action and comedies, but Allen’s favourite genre is horror. He finds topics about ghosts and the unexplainable very fascinating.

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