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Investigate the Whole Scene!

When it comes to our teeth it is easy to skip straight to the obvious problem. Almost anyone can identify a big hole in a tooth. However, a hole will keep coming back if the cause is not found. Someone with a history of crime is likely to reoffend, and someone with a broken tooth and a history of receiving fillings is likely to end up needing the same work done again in the future. We care about your dental health and take the time to look deeper and make broader observations with a view to completely correct your dental issues.

For that dental filling to be successful, it is important to look at the big picture. That starts with talking about your medical and dental history. We take that time to talk to you and fully understand your concerns and your situation. Everyone is different. You may have a family history that makes you prone to issues with your teeth. Your diet, habits, lifestyle and certain medications could be affecting your teeth and gums. Many things we take for granted could be weakening your mouth’s natural defence, leaving your teeth prone to decay, wearing and cracking.

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Analyse All The Details!

To crack the case of the cracked tooth we’ll conduct a thorough dental checkup. Of course we will examine your teeth and gums. We will also look at jaw joints and muscles, saliva and glands, and many other aspects of your mouth. We may find signs of other damage that is occurring and be able to treat that damage early to avoid long term issues. What we identify will help us understand your teeth better and how we can make them stronger and healthier.

A really good example of a cracked tooth is one that is caused by clenching and grinding. Many people grind their teeth throughout the day, others will grind at night time without ever realising it. They’ll present in our practice with a broken tooth that’s been filled a few times and ask us to patch it up again. We take a look around and observe some tooth wear and strain on the jaw joints and muscles. From here we are able to deduce that the patient requires treatment for their teeth grinding. We can fill the tooth as well as treat the cause of the issue. Long term rehabilitation will be achieved and the patient will likely have that filling for the long term.

What's In A Checkup?

Every checkup is different. You may be coming to us with a specific problem, or you may just want to make sure everything is alright. However, we like to do the following things in all our checkups:

  • Discuss medical and dental history
  • Discuss your diet, habits and lifestyle
  • Discuss your dental health concerns
  • Look inside your mouth
  • Take x-rays if needed
  • Discuss issues in detail
  • Make recommendations
  • Discuss treatment plans and give quotes
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Did you know?

You can get 2 checkup and cleans a year for $0 or a very small out-of-pocket when you come and see us and use your health fund.

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Putting The Pieces Together!

As dentists it is our job to ensure that we look after our patients and focus on long term solutions. It is easy to have a walk in, walk out approach to treating your dental issues. When we take the extra time and effort to explore long term solutions we know our patient won’t need to come back and see us for another 6 months. We know when we do see them next it will likely be a quick visit where we just make sure there are no new surprises on the way.

When something does come up from a coming to us with a specific problem, or you may just want to make sure everything is alright. However, we like to do the following things in all our checkups:

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How Much Does A Checkup And Clean Cost ?

One of the many reasons that stop patients seeing the dentist for a dental checkup and clean is the cost. Many patients are worried about the dental checkup cost, dental checkup and teeth cleaning cost, or the cost of other dental treatment that they may need. In reality, when you come and see us, the dental checkup price and the checkup and cleaning price does not have to be high. We offer new patients a dental checkup, 2 digital x-rays to check in between their back teeth, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing and preventive fluoride treatment for only $190 (normally $332), or health fund rebate only (no out-of-pocket gap payment) if you have health insurance with dental cover. View Terms and Conditions. Eligible children can receive a free dental checkup and clean covered by Medicare under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). For regular patients, the dental checkup and cleaning frequency should be every 6 months for optimum dental health. We are preferred providers for many health funds, including CBHS, HCF, nib, Australian Unity, AIA Health Insurance, Peoplecare, health.com.au, Frank, GMHBA, My Own Health Insurance and Healthcare Insurance, so you can receive a dental checkup and clean every 6 months for no gap payment or a small gap payment. View Terms and Conditions. We provide verbal and written dental treatment quotes with item numbers for you to check what your health insurance will cover towards your treatment. In many cases our HICAPS machine can do an on-the-spot quote for you if you provide us with your health fund card. Many patients look for a dentist “near me” when searching for a dental clinic. We are conveniently located in the Brisbane CBD on Queen St for those who work or live in the Brisbane city and can accommodate you before, during or after work.