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Aligner Orthodontics

Time For Your Teeth To Get In Line!

Everyone wants straight teeth but more and more patients are unwilling to wear conventional braces to achieve the result. Having visible wires and brackets on the teeth has become unacceptable aesthetically which has led to the development of aligner orthodontics or “invisible braces”.

It’s not just the look of metal braces that puts people off. Metal braces have a reputation of being harder to maintain and clean. Many people who have used metal braces have found them to be physically uncomfortable. Aligner Orthodontics address these issues by providing a less intrusive, more comfortable and easier to manage process to straightening teeth. In many cases, they work in the same amount of time and produce the same end result.

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Aligner Orthodontics Procedure and Cost

30 Minute Appointment – Free Cosmetic Consult

Item 015 - Long Consultation

Description: Evaulation of teeth crowding and spacing, the bite and if appropriate for clear aligner orthodontic treatment.

Cost: Free, normally $66.

Additional Steps

Give referral form to X-ray Clinic to get OPG and Lat Ceph (full mouth and side profile 2D scans, bulk billed or subsidised by Medicare) - some practices charge $200 or more for these, we refer out as it is cheaper for the patient with Medicare coverage - Comprehensive evaluation of the teeth, jaw bone and side profile.

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Teeth Whitening for just $660!

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Frequently asked questions

It's Our Little Secret

With aligner orthodontics, the patient wears a series of clear, wafer-thin, removable aligners, which gently guide the teeth from their present position to the desired position. Each aligner is worn 22 hours per day for 2 weeks to move the teeth a certain degree before the next aligner continues the straightening process. The aligners are customised for each patient, giving predictable, effective results.

Due to their design, aligners have significant advantages over traditional braces with wires and brackets. The aligners are clear so they appear nearly invisible to the eye. They are wafer-thin so they are more comfortable to wear and cause less irritation and tissue trauma. They are completely removable which makes it much easier to clean the teeth as well as eat and drink.

What's The Best Way To Line Up?

When it comes to orthodontics and teeth straightening, most people prefer aligners over brackets and wires. Here are some benefits of using aligners for teeth straightening:

  • No need for brackets and wires
  • Virtually invisible when worn
  • More socially acceptable
  • Easier to maintain
  • Can take out to clean the teeth and eat
  • Less intrusive
  • More comfortable
  • Less trauma to soft tissues
  • Just as effective as braces
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Lots Of Ways To Straighten Things Out!

There are many brands of orthodontic aligners available such as Invisalign, ClearCorrect and ClearPath. You may of heard more about some of these brands than others. That is probably more to do with marketing then it is to do with results. At Central Brisbane Dental, we choose to use ClearPath. Why have we chosen to work with ClearPath? Well for us the journey to the end result is just as important as the end result. We are all about promoting short and long term dental health and aesthetics, and in our opinion ClearPath provides the best aligner to do this.

Unlike other brands, ClearPath’s patented technology allows each aligner to grip the teeth and move them precisely without the need for attachments on the teeth. Attachments are usually shapes of plastic filling material bonded onto the teeth to help them move when wearing orthodontic aligners. Although this filling material is removed after treatment is complete, they are disadvantageous during treatment. Teeth with attachments are less aesthetically pleasing, are harder to clean and are not as smooth as teeth without attachments. The filling material may also come off during eating and drinking, may be accidently swallowed and need to be replaced.

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Why ClearPath Clear Aligners vs Invisalign When It Comes To Aligner Orthodontics?

Aligner orthodontics or aligner orthodontic treatment simply means using clear aligners to straighten teeth. Clear aligners are basically thin, see-through, layers of special plastic material that are moulded to precisely fit your teeth. They grip your teeth and move them by making your teeth follow the same shape as the moulded material. By wearing a series of clear aligners, teeth will move little by little over time, giving straight teeth after all sets are completed. Invisalign is one brand of clear aligners. It is well known as it was the first brand to provide aligner orthodontics in Brisbane and around the world. There are now many brands of clear aligners. So what’s the difference between other brands of clear aligners vs Invisalign? Basically all brands of clear aligners are very similar and all effective. At our Brisbane CBD dental clinic, we use ClearPath clear aligners over Invisalign or other brands. This is because Invisalign and other brands of clear aligners often require the dentist to glue little shapes for filling material onto the teeth, called attachments, to help their clear aligners grip and move the teeth. Patients and dentists alike hate these attachments as they are more visible, don’t feel nice to the tongue, are harder to clean, and can come away and need replacing. ClearPath clear aligners have a special patented surface that grips and moves the teeth without the need for these attachments. When you come see us at our Brisbane CBD dental clinic for ClearPath aligner orthodontics, our dentists will take photos of your teeth and smile, moulds of your teeth and gums, and give you a referral form to get special x-rays done that are bulk billed by Medicare if you have a Medicare card. These are sent to ClearPath and are analysed by their team of specialist orthodontists who provide us with an aligner orthodontics treatment plan for your case which includes before and after images. The clear aligners are made once you and your dentist are happy to proceed with the treatment plan or the treatment plan can be modified. The treatment is then carried out by your dentist so the aligner orthodontics cost to you is much reduced. Patients still receive input from a team of orthodontic specialists and the prices for clear aligners are much more affordable to patients in this way compared to going to a specialist orthodontist.