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Sports Mouthguards

Let's Cover Those Up!

A sports mouthguard isn’t just for protecting your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard can also help to prevent or reduce the impact of injuries to other parts of your head and jaw. Mouthguards provide a cushion for your teeth against impact, while also protecting against jaw joint and soft tissue injuries. They can also help to prevent neck and jaw injuries as well as help reduce concussion.

Using a mouthguard is all about keeping preventive measures in mind with regards to your dental health. Playing a sport is a great lifestyle choice. You’re looking after your body and fitness while having a bit of fun at the same time. Choosing to wear a mouthguard compliments the positive choice you are making by also looking after your mouth and teeth. In the past, mouthguards were probably less common but today many professional athletes are advocates for their use, and they are often seen wearing them during games.

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Sports Mouthguards Procedure and Cost

30 Minute Appointment – Impressions of the Teeth and Gums

Item 151 - Sports Mouthguards

Description: Impressions are taken of the teeth and gums.

Cost: $330 for heavy duty including GST.

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Frequently asked questions

The Right Fit Matters!

To give the best protection against injuries, mouthguards should be custom-fitted by your dentist. At Central Brisbane Dental, your dentist can accurately assess your mouth and determine the mouthguard that is most appropriate for you. Impressions are taken of your teeth and gums to form models on which your mouthguard is custom-fitted to provide the best result. This ensures the mouthguard is comfortable, well-fitting, allows clear speech, won’t shift or fall out and won’t restrict breathing.

Over-the-counter mouthguards have a poorer fit to your teeth and gums and hence do not provide enough protection against injuries to your teeth, mouth or jaw. Although over-the-counter mouthguards are cheaper, it is worthwhile investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard from your dentist as dental injuries can be more costly.

Do I Really Need To Wear That?

If you’re asking that question, you may be using a cheap over-the-counter mouthguard at the moment or not using one at all. A custom mouthguard is the best method for protecting your mouth and provides many benefits:

  • Custom fit for comfort
  • Custom fit for clearer speech
  • No breathing restrictions
  • Will remain in place
  • Cushions and protects teeth from impact
  • Protects against injuring the soft tissues of the mouth
  • Helps prevent neck, jaw and jaw joint injuries
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Did you know?

You can get 2 checkup and cleans a year for $0 or a very small out-of-pocket when you come and see us and use your health fund.

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How To Handle Common Sports Injuries!

If a dental injury has occurred, please see a dentist straight away as time is critical in preventing permanent damage. If a tooth is cracked or chipped, place any broken pieces in milk or plastic wrap if milk is not available and take them with you to the dentist who can determine whether these pieces can be reattached. If a tooth is completely knocked out, what you do is different depending on whether the tooth is a baby tooth or an adult tooth.

If a baby tooth is knocked out, it is important not to attempt to put it back into its socket as this may cause damage to the permanent tooth or lead to infection. A clean cloth should be used to apply pressure directly to the injured area to control bleeding. An ice pack or cold compress can be applied to the area to minimise swelling. If an adult tooth is knocked out, it needs to be handled with extreme care in hope that it can be replaced in the mouth with success. The tooth must be handled gently, trying to avoid touching the root of the tooth, scraping or rubbing the tooth surface or removing any soft tissue fragments from the tooth. The tooth must be kept moist at all times, but should not be put in ice or hot water or rinsed or stored in water for longer than 1 or 2 seconds.

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What's The Difference Between A Custom Mouthguard Made By A Dentist And A Sports Mouthguard You Buy From The Shops?

As a dentist, we often get asked this question. Dentist mouthguards cost a lot of money compared to sports mouthguards from Rebel or Amart Sports. Is there any difference between these cheap mouthguards and those from the dentist? Of course there is and the differences are very significant. Sports mouthguards you can by from the shops don’t fit your mouth exactly and therefore, doesn’t protect your teeth and gums that well. A dentist custom mouthguard is made from moulds of your mouth to ensure the best fit and protection for your teeth and gums. There are claims from companies that they sell custom mouthguards online or at the shop without the need to see a dentist. These are commonly called boil and bite mouthguards as they involve boiling a mouthguard template and biting into it yourself at home. It is obvious that there is a high risk of error with this procedure and therefore a high risk of a poorly moulded mouthguard. It is best to get a custom mouthguard from a local Brisbane dentist. Our custom mouthguards are made from impressions of your mouth by our dentists and an Australian dental laboratory that is only five minutes away from our Brisbane CBD dental clinic. Don’t let the custom mouthguard price get in the way of protecting your teeth from injury.