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What Coronavirus Means For Your Local Brisbane Dentist

First of all, the team at Central Brisbane Dental just wants to let our past, present and future patients know that with the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, safety is our number one priority. In a dental clinic, patient and staff safety has and always will be the number one priority for our business. How Covid-19 Read More

Are dental implants a cost-effective treatment option?

Dental implants are a last resort treatment option and are recommended only when a patient is missing teeth, or the tooth cannot be repaired for the long term with other treatments such as root canal treatment. The question of whether dental implants are cost-effective is a good one. Dental implants themselves are not cheap. A Read More

How does Invisalign straighten your teeth?

Invisalign is a well known brand of clear aligners. Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces and are these days the more chosen approach by patients who want to straighten their teeth. The biggest difference between aligners and braces are that braces are a very visible form of treatment, versus aligners which are almost Read More

Should you get braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth?

One of the most common questions from patients is whether they should opt for traditional braces or Invisalign to straighten their teeth. In the past, traditional braces would have been the more chosen approach, but the technology of “invisible” aligners has come a long way and, in most cases, clear aligners such as Invisalign are Read More

Dentist Themed Christmas Toys for 2018

Well Christmas is almost upon us again. We thought we would help out with the Christmas shopping by preparing a list of age appropriate gifts that encourage good dental health. I’ve been out to the shops a couple of times already this December looking for the latest fads that kids will be looking for. To Read More

Our Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

The Nintendo Switch has been doing a great job of reinvigorating games and characters that were at their peak two decades ago. One of the first launch titles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, was one of the best, and definitely the biggest, Zelda titles to launch. Super Mario Odyssey was another great Read More

LeBron James and the LA Lakers May Be In For A Long NBA Season

The eagerly awaited NBA season is here!  The most intriguing thing for basketball this season has to be the Los Angeles Lakers and how they will perform with their star recruit, LeBron James. The LA Lakers started their season playing the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland.  LeBron made a statement with his first points as Read More

2018 Gold Coast 600

The Vodafone Gold Coast 600 was back on the weekend from the 19 to 21 October 2018.  The annual event brought Supercars motor racing to the Surfers Paradise Street Circuit on the Gold Coast again.  The main event was awesome, but there was much to do and see this year on top of it. There Read More

Hudsons Circus in Springfield for 2018

The Hudsons Circus has been in Springfield since the 17th of September and there are 3 more shows left over the weekend. Those of you looking to do something a bit different with the family this weekend should definitely check it out. The act itself is full of entertainment, with shows including trained animals, aerial Read More

Movie World Fright Nights Are Back For 2018

So we’re now in the last week of school holidays for Queensland and this weekend might be a good time to checkout the annual Movie World event, Fright Night. Fright Nights are an after dark event that runs throughout the month of October every year at Movie World. The park is opened later till 10pm Read More

How To Attend The 2018 Brisbane Riverfire

One of the highlights of the year for Brisbane is coming up this weekend. On Saturday, September 29, Riverfire will once again be happening to wrap up this years Brisbane Festival. We’ve already talked about our top picks for things to do during the Brisbane Festival and we hope you’ve been able to get the Read More

Is Roblox Good For My Child’s Creativity Or Putting Them At Risk?

Roblox is one of the latest crazes in gaming entertainment that is capturing the attention of children. Two other games come to mind when considering whether Roblox as a suitable gaming option for your child. Fortnite and Minecraft. Both Fortnite and Minecraft are fun games that kids can play together, and that you will no Read More

Our Picks from the Brisbane Festival

So many offerings at the Brisbane Festival!  From music and dance to theatre, opera and cabaret, there is a lot to choose from.  Here are our picks from the Brisbane Festival: Séance Become locked up together with a group of people in pitch black darkness in a 40 foot shipping container.  Experience what is happening Read More

Best Activities for Young Children at the Brisbane Festival

The Brisbane Festival is here again for another year.  There’s plenty to see and do, but not all of it is suitable for young children.  Of course, Sunsuper Riverfire celebrating the end of Brisbane Festival is a must for older children and adults.  As usual there will be a massive all-day concert, cumulating in a Read More

Gold Coast Show

The Gold Coast Show is more or less the Gold Coast’s version of Brisbane’s Ekka.  Gold Coast residents get a public holiday to go to the show, similar to Brisbane’s People’s Day show holiday.  There are games, rides, showbags, animals and food similar to the Ekka, but at a much lesser scale.  However, unlike the Read More

Are Video Games Bad For Kids?

Video games get a bad rap.  They stop kids going outdoors to play.  Kids sit all day staring at screens so they become fat due to a lack of exercise.  The flashing lights at close range are bad for the eyes.  They are the reason more kids need glasses.  Kids sit in front of a Read More

Deliveroo Delivers

It was raining so we didn’t feel like going out in the wet as we originally planned.  We wanted to eat at home, but were too lazy to cook and we didn’t have a lot in the fridge to cook any way.  We decided to try one of the many takeaway food delivery options.  When Read More

McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It

The slogan for McDonald’s is I’m lovin’ it.  To be honest, most of us have a soft spot for their fast food at one time or other.  We know it is so bad for us, but it tastes oh so good every now and then.  However, are we really loving their latest marketing campaign? Macca’s Read More

Nerf Assembler Gear Review

My 4 year old son may not be old enough to see Avengers: Infinity War.  That doesn’t stop all the big toy companies from making toys based on the movie targeted directly at him.  There’s the usual action figures and dress-up costumes with masks and plastic weapons of The Avengers.  One toy got both our Read More

Avengers: Infinity War Review

With a 4 year old son, it is difficult to see all the biggest movies at the cinemas.  Most blockbusters are rated M and aren’t suitable for him to see.  Even if the rating was suitable, he wouldn’t last the 2 hours most movies are these days at the cinema sitting still without causing a Read More

Best Food at the Ekka

Best Food at the Ekka The Ekka is famous for the iconic strawberry sundae and the foot long dagwood dog.  However, you should save some room for other tasty treats and there are quite a lot of them.  Here are our recommendations from this year’s selections: Woodfire BBQ Sideshow Alley is known as the place Read More

The Ekka Showbag Difference

Besides the strawberry sundae and the foot long dagwood dog, the Ekka showbag is the most iconic part of the Royal Queensland Show. When I was a kid, I fondly remember begging mum every year to buy a special edition of the Sunday Mail that was only available a few weeks before the Ekka started Read More

Teeth Cleaning At Home – What A Dentist Uses

What does a dentist use himself to clean his own teeth at home? What items are found in a dentist’s bathroom that he uses every day to clean his teeth? What things are found in his teeth cleaning kit when he goes away on holidays? Patients want to know if dentists do what they preach. Read More

Invisalign vs ClearPath

When it comes to straightening teeth with clear aligners, most patients think of Invisalign. This is more because of great marketing of their brand, rather than because it is the only product out there. In fact, there are now numerous options available to straighten teeth using clear aligners. At Central Brisbane Dental, we chose to Read More

Dental Patient Reviews

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has just released a healthcare advertising checklist.  Amongst the usual responsible advertising guidelines, there’s a kind reminder about testimonials and reviews.  Any patient testimonials, stories, recommendations or reviews about clinical care are prohibited in all forms of advertising.  There can be no mention of the presenting symptoms, treatment Read More

Bulk Billing Dentist Brisbane

Our receptionist often gets asked whether we bulk bill.  Unfortunately, bulk billing does not exist for dentists in Australia.  Bulk billing only applies to doctors in private practice and not dentists. So what is bulk billing and how does it work?  Basically, it is having Medicare pay for your healthcare.  Medicare will pay for consultations Read More

Review and Maintenance

As with most things in life, dental health requires continual review and maintenance.  Just because you were dentally fit and healthy six months ago, does not necessarily mean you are now.  Just because you have no problems with your teeth and gums at this present time, does not mean they will stay this way in Read More

Straighten Your Teeth With ClearPath

The process of straightening your teeth with ClearPath aligners is very simple for the patient.  Let us discuss this process: Free Consult Come in for a 30 minute free consult and let us tell you if you are appropriate for ClearPath aligners. View Terms and Conditions. We will discuss thoroughly with you about the treatment, including Read More

Extractions and Dentures

Patients with bad teeth often proclaim that they want all their teeth removed and have dentures made.  These patients think they will have no dental problems any more after this because they will no longer have any of their own teeth.  Little do they know that it is not as simple as that. It is Read More

Are You Anxious About Your Next Visit To The Dentist?

We understand that many patients are anxious about coming to see the dentist.  Some patients are even fearful of dental treatment.  At Central Brisbane Dental, we pay attention to some of the little things to make anxious or fearful patients feel more at ease. Communication Many patients are anxious because they fear the unknown.  They Read More

Quick Straight Teeth Procedure

Quick Straight Teeth fast braces in most cases straightens front teeth in as few as 5 appointments over 4 months. 30 Minute Free Consult You are given the opportunity for one of our accredited dentists to have a look at your teeth and see if Quick Straight Teeth is suitable for you.  We will discuss Read More

What Are ADIN Implants?

Not all dental implants are made the same.  Dental implants are precision titanium tooth root replacements and need to be designed and manufactured with the utmost care for long term success.  At Central Brisbane Dental, after thorough researching of all the brands available, we choose ADIN dental implants. ADIN dental implants have been available since Read More

Do I Need A High Fluoride Toothpaste?

There’s a toothpaste available that is great at preventing tooth decay.  It is anti-bacterial and makes teeth stronger and more resistant to breaking down.  It’s made by leading oral hygiene product brand, Colgate.  However, you’ve probably never heard of it.  It’s called Neutrafluor 5000 Plus. The name Neutrafluor 5000 Plus is a strange one.  It Read More

Dental Implant Options

Dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth.  They can also be used to replace teeth that need to be extracted.  In fact, dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or even all the teeth when teeth are missing or need to be extracted. 1. Replacing A Single Tooth Read More

What Is Peri Implantitis?

Don’t think that dental implants are not natural teeth so are not subject to dental problems.  A dental implant itself is artificial, but the jaw bone and gum tissue surrounding the implant is natural living tissue.  There are dental problems that will affect the artificial dental implant and problems that will affect the natural tissues. Read More

Why Do I Take A Long Time To Numb Up At The Dentist?

Is your mouth notoriously difficult to get numb?  Does the dentist have to give you double the amount of local anaesthetic to get you fully numb?  Even then, have you thought that you may still be feeling something in your tooth even though your lips and tongue feel numb and fat? It is not all Read More

Do I Have Dry Socket?

A tooth extraction isn’t the nicest procedure at the best of times.  However, it is usually a necessary procedure to get rid of pain, infection or both.  A dry socket after the extraction just makes the bad situation even worse. After a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms overt the hole where the tooth Read More

How To Avoid Teeth Stains

Do you know what is staining your teeth?  Coloured foods and drinks obviously can discolour your teeth.  However, it is not as simple as that.  There may be sticky, acidic and dehydrating compounds at play as well.  Let’s have a look at all 4 of these things and their effect on teeth staining: Coloured Foods Read More

Dental Implant Procedure

Replacing a single missing tooth with a dental implant and crown involves diagnosis and thorough treatment planning, a surgical phase and prosthetic phase of treatment. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Before a patient can get a dental implant and crown, they must be thoroughly assessed for suitability.  The patient must be medically and dentally fit and Read More

Do I Have High Risk Of Tooth Decay?

Some people have high risk of tooth decay.  Their tooth structure is more prone to breaking down and forming cavities than the average person.  They can get cavities easily even though they may brush and floss twice daily and go to the dentist every 6 months for a checkup and teeth cleaning.  They may have Read More

What’s The Difference Between Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits At The Dentist Versus The Shops?

Take-home teeth whitening kits from the dentist are much different than those you can buy from the supermarket or pharmacy.  You may choose supermarket or pharmacy products for their lower prices, but you are not getting the same whitening product as you are from the dentist.  In fact, the only thing that is the same Read More

So what actually happens during an appointment for Zoom in-chair teeth whitening?

Exam to Check Suitability Your dentist will check your teeth and discuss with you an information sheet detailing in-chair teeth whitening.  Your suitability for the procedure and any risks will be discussed.  Some people cannot receive teeth whitening, because they may be allergic to the whitening gel, sensitive to the special whitening light or have Read More

Dental Fillings Appointment Procedure

What actually happens during an appointment for a dental filling? Numbing Up Not every tooth that requires a filling needs to be numbed.  If the problematic part of the tooth is very small or a long distance away from the middle of the tooth where the nerve is, then there is no need for local Read More

Baking soda in a jar and spoon with a glass of water

How to Clean an Oral Appliance

Do you wear a retainer, mouthguard, occlusal splint or denture?  Does it look the worse for wear?  It may be discoloured, covered in a film or have white spots on it.  It may even have a taste and smell bad.  Usually these things are caused by a buildup of the same calculus that forms on Read More

Custom Dental Grills

When you want something for your teeth, be it a denture or a dental grill, the best place to go to is the dentist.  We have knowledge about your teeth and gums to ensure your custom dental grill looks great, fits well and won’t damage your teeth and gums. Here’s what is needed in 4 Read More

Dental Problems Can Trigger Migraines

The precise cause of migraines has been puzzling for the medical profession.  It is believed that there is some connection with how the brain stem and the trigeminal nerve interact.  Neurotransmitters such as serotonin may play a role.  An increase in the number of certain oral bacteria in some people is now thought to make Read More

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

If you feel a sharp sensation when you have something cold to eat or drink, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity.  Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by exposing the inner part of the tooth.  Enamel is the outer layer of tooth structure and is very strong.  The next layer in, dentine, is more porous Read More

Exercises for Jaw Pain

Jaw exercises can help with jaw joint and muscle pain.  There are 2 main groups of exercises.  Stretching exercises can provide pain relief when you are in discomfort.  Strengthening exercises can lessen the likelihood of pain occurring. Stretching Exercises Stretching exercises help when your jaw joints and muscles are already sore.  They are used to Read More

Jaw Joint and Muscle Pain

Jaw joint and muscle pain are usually caused by overuse.  Your jaw joints and muscles may feel tired or sore after a long day.  You may be clenching and grinding your teeth at night and wake up in the morning with the symptoms.  This may happen more when you are stressed out. The only permanent Read More

Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Want to know just how good or bad your brushing and flossing is?  I mean without going to the dentist in the comfort of your own home.  Well you can use plaque disclosing tablets. Plaque is the stuff you are trying to clean away from your teeth and gums.  It is basically soft, sticky deposits Read More

How to Make Your Own Mouthwash

Want to use a mouthwash but don’t like the chemicals in a commercial brand?  You can make your own mouthwash at home with natural ingredients. Remember brushing and flossing are still the most important parts of effective oral hygiene.  Rinsing with a mouthwash can only do so much as it cannot very effectively get between Read More

Gum Disease Linked to Some Cancers

Cleaning your teeth could be the difference between developing cancer or not.  Having gum disease has been linked to developing certain cancers.  Something as simple as brushing and flossing not only prevents cavities and gum problems but could reduce your risk of cancer. There is a strong association between gum disease and pancreatic cancer.  The Read More

Poor Oral Hygiene Increases Risk of Heart Disease

It has been said many times that heart disease is the biggest killer in western society.  With our poor diets rich in fatty foods and reluctance to exercise, no wonder our blood vessels become clogged.  There are of course other factors and poor oral hygiene has been highlighted as one of the important ones. There Read More

Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

Gum disease is now linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  With many associations between oral health and general health, there is no better reason to clean your teeth and gums.  Why not lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by making sure you don’t have gum disease. Alzheimer’s disease is often thought of as the condition where Read More

Vitamins That Are Good For Your Teeth

It is well known that vitamins are needed for our bodies to perform certain functions well.  Our teeth are no different to the rest of the body.  Certain vitamins are essential for healthy teeth and gums.  Let’s have a look at a few important ones: Vitamin A Vitamin A is needed for our salivary glands Read More

The Problem with Mouth Breathing

Most people comfortably breathe through their nose.  Some people find it necessary or easier to breath with their mouth.  However, the mouth is not meant for breathing.  As mouth breathing is not the body’s most natural way to receive oxygen, there may be some negative dental consequences. Someone who mouth breathes will often have their Read More

Oral Soft Tissue Soreness

Besides the gums, the mouth has other soft tissues such as the lips, cheeks and tongue.  These soft tissues can become sore for a variety of reasons.  Let’s look at 4 common ones: Physical Trauma We all have accidentally bitten our lip, cheek or tongue.  A knock to the mouth such as during the playing Read More

Home Remedies For A Painful Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth pain can be very intense.  It may be a constant ache or only when you touch the area.  It may last for a few days and subside by itself and then come back again with a vengeance and repeat.  You may not be able to use or even open your mouth very well.  Read More

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are literally a real pain.  They can cause discomfort and swelling of the gum and cheek.  You may feel pressure on adjacent teeth from the wisdom teeth pushing on them.  They can get infected and cause abscesses with a bad taste and smell. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come though into Read More

Gap Between the Upper Front Teeth

Do you have a gap between your two upper front teeth?  How do you feel about having the gap?  It is not that uncommon to have a gap between your upper two front teeth.  Many patients accept it or even see it as one of the distinguishing characteristics of their smile.  It is also quite Read More

Dangers of Popcorn

There is a snack that has found itself becoming increasingly popular these past few years.  It has long been around, a staple at the cinema or at home in front of the TV.  It has, however, had a rebranding.  No longer simply a junk food full of sugar, salt, oil and fat, it is now Read More

Good and Bad Foods For Your Breath

It is well known that garlic, onions, canned tuna and alcohol are bad for your breath.  Are there any foods or drinks that are good for your breath?  Let’s have a look at the good and the bad foods and drinks for your breath: The Bad: Garlic, Onions and Spices The smelly compounds in garlic, Read More

Bad Breath?

Are you embarrassed about your breath?  Do you wake up in the morning with a bad taste and odour from your mouth?  Has a partner told you that you have bad breath? Bad breath, or its more scientific name halitosis, is caused by bacteria in the mouth.  These bacteria break down proteins left on the Read More

Toothaches and the Hospital Emergency Department

Have you needed to go to the emergency department of your local hospital?  Have you been so seriously unwell or in an accident that you needed to be taken there by an ambulance after calling 000? Hospital emergency departments are always busy, dealing with sometimes life threatening situations such as heart attacks, strokes and injuries Read More

Robot Dentists

It is the age of computers and robots. Tasks that are very complex for human beings can be easily and quickly done by computers. Jobs that are dangerous for human beings can be handled by a robot counterpart. They say artificial intelligence is better as it avoids mistakes made by human error. A robot has Read More

4 Reasons Your Tooth May Be Sensitive

A tooth may be sensitive to cold, hot or sweet things when the inner dentine layer of the tooth is exposed.  Unlike the harder outer enamel layer of the tooth, the dentine layer is quite porous.  When this layer is exposed to cold, hot or sweet things, the nerve of the tooth is irritated and Read More

10 Ways To A Healthy Mouth

10 Ways To A Healthy Mouth Brush your teeth morning and night with a soft toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste and a gentle technique. This keeps your teeth clean without damaging them and the surrounding gum tissue, and the fluoride strengthens and repairs tooth structure. Floss your teeth once a day using string floss and a gentle Read More

No Dental Knockoffs

There has been reports in the news recently of dental practices using dental equipment bought from ebay to save money.  Rest assured.  Central Brisbane Dental only buys and uses dental equipment from large, reputable dental companies with a local office in Brisbane. Using large, reputable companies gives us and our patients piece of mind that Read More

Beware of Fake Dental Products

Everyone buys things online these days.  Everything is available unlike the limited choices and quantities at your average shop at the local shopping centre.  You can get what you want delivered straight to your door too. Would you buy everything online?  I know I buy clothes and toys online.  How about food and medications?  Would Read More

3 Reasons for Gum Recession

Although gum recession is only a loss of a little bit of gum tissue, it can be a very big problem.  Many patients are concerned because it is aesthetically displeasing.  Gum recession can make the teeth look longer and older than they actually are.  Without the protection of the gums, the neck of the tooth Read More

4 Strategies to Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay leads to tooth structure destruction and cavities in the teeth.  Cavities cause the teeth to be sensitive to cold, hot and sweet things, which may need fillings.  Very large cavities may compromise the nerve of a tooth and cause toothache, which may need root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth. The best Read More

Mouthwash – Dynamite For Your Teeth or Breath Freshener?

Is mouthwash actually dynamite for your teeth?  Does is really destroy all the bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay and gum disease? In short, of course not.  If you think about, how can something you simply rinse with and spit out be so powerful?  It doesn’t make sense.  If it did, anyone using Read More

Are You An Awesome Dad?

There’s always the joke that we don’t want socks and jocks as presents.  For myself, I have been eying some of the Lego Batman construction sets or maybe another PS4 game.  Since we had our little boy, Jasper, we try and give presents that we can all enjoy together as a family.  He loves all Read More

Large Spaces Between Your Teeth?

Do you suffer from gum recession and bone loss around your teeth?  Are the spaces between your teeth too big to be effectively cleaned by floss? If you have periodontal disease, bacteria destroy the gum and bone around the teeth.  This destruction is irreversible as the lost gum and bone doesn’t grow back.  This results Read More

Are You Flossing Properly?

When we talk about flossing, most patients say they know how to do it, they just don’t do it.  However, when we start demonstrating how to floss properly, they are surprised that their idea of flossing is totally different to that recommended by a dentist.  Even those who floss every day may not be doing Read More

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Properly?

Effective toothbrushing is easier said than done.  So how do we make sure we are brushing our teeth effectively? First of all let’s make sure we have the appropriate tools for the job.  Make sure you are using a toothbrush with very soft bristles, a small head, flexible neck and comfortable handle.  Make sure you Read More

Time For A New Toothbrush?

Is your toothbrush past its expiry date?  If the bristles are all flared out or you’ve been using it for 3 months or more, it’s time to get a new one. Time to get a new toothbrush?  So what properties should a good toothbrush have? A good toothbrush should have very soft bristles so you Read More

Teeth Cleaning – Anywhere, Anytime

With Dental Health Week 2017 challenging us to clean our teeth anywhere, anytime, just how do we actually do this?  Most of us have morning and night time under control so it is mainly during the day which is the major problem. It is not unrealistic to carry a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss with us Read More

Too Busy For A Healthy Mouth?

The topic of promotion for Dental Health Week 2017 was oral health for busy lives – anywhere, anytime.  In our jam-packed daily lives where we have little time for anything, how realistic is it for us to find time to at least brush our teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and have a Read More

Would You Pull Out Your Own Tooth?

Tying a piece of string to a tooth and the other end to a doorknob and then slamming the door shut is a method of removing a problematic tooth often portrayed in cartoons or comedies.  This is obviously not recommended, doesn’t work and we laugh when we see it on TV.  To my surprise, some Read More

The Boy With Bad Teeth

A story I wrote for my little boy, Jasper, to help him understand the importance of looking after your teeth: A boy had bad teeth And was sorry to smile Between those bad teeth Food got stuck for a while When salad he ate Or pork, chicken or beef The thing he would hate Were Read More

Is Your Toothpaste Wrecking Your Teeth?

Recently, I had a patient come in for her 6 monthly checkup and clean appointment who had developed quite a significant stain on her teeth which she never has had before.  After going through the typical diet, medicine and lifestyle related reasons and getting no closer to the source of her stain, we discussed any Read More

Automated Teeth Cleaning

Are we getting so lazy these days that we can’t even hold a toothbrush and brush our own teeth?  Are we so short of time that we can’t even spare a couple of minutes morning and night to clean our teeth?  That is what the latest oral hygiene invention claims. The newest in homecare for Read More

Are You Drinking Acid?

We have all heard about how bad sugar is for your teeth and how it causes tooth decay.  Did you know acid is just as bad if not worse for your teeth than sugar? Acid directly wears away tooth enamel through erosion of the tooth surface.  The softened tooth enamel is then more prone to Read More

The Dark Side of a White Tooth

Have you seen someone smile and noticed they had a dark upper front tooth?  It doesn’t always mean they don’t brush their teeth so their upper front tooth is badly decayed.  Commonly, the dark coloured upper front tooth is due to a previous knock to the tooth which has caused it to die. When a Read More

A Small Prick For Mankind

If you could protect yourself and your family, you would jump at it wouldn’t you?  Anyone in their right mind would immediately answer yes to this question.  However, this is the very question that is asked when it comes to immunisation for preventable diseases and I’m afraid the statistics show that many of us are Read More

Food For Thought

What did you order the last time you went out for dinner at a restaurant?  How healthy was it?  We have all read and heard appraisals about how great tasting but unhealthy the food is from a restaurant.  But have you read and heard how does a restaurant meal rate from a dental perspective?  Let’s Read More

Do You Wash Your Hands Enough?

How often do you wash your hands?  Transfer of germs from the hands is one of the most common pathways to pass on disease.  Our hands touch many things that may not be clean and if we touch someone or something else afterwards, the germs on our hands can be transmitted to that person or Read More

Dangers of Dental Tourism

Do you fully understand the dangers of dental tourism?  I hear it from patients all the time.  “If it costs this much for dental treatment in Australia, I might as well go to Thailand and get all my teeth done for a fraction of the cost there and have a holiday at the same time!”.  Read More

I Love Going to the Dentist!

Can you say “I love going to the dentist!”?  One of my very young patients wrote that on the colouring-in sheet we gave her to complete while she was waiting for her mum who was getting a check-up and clean.  She showed it to me proudly and said “I love coming in and seeing you!”.  Read More

Health Warnings on Sugary Snacks

There has been discussion about placing health warnings on sugary snacks in an effort to limit their consumption.  Much the same as the graphic pictures detailing the health risks associated with tobacco on cigarette packs, it has been proposed that a similar warning might deter people from buying and consuming sugary snacks.  It has been Read More

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are a useful tool for diagnosing problems in the mouth we cannot see with the naked eye.  No matter how good the eyesight of your dentist or how much magnification we use, there are simply areas that cannot be seen with normal eyesight.  Unless we have x-ray vision like Superman, we cannot Read More

Painless Fillings

There is such a thing as painless fillings.  Continuing our recent theme of making your dental visit not only a pleasant experience but a wonderful one, let us discuss how we can make the dental procedure you require, an easy one.  There are some dental procedures that scare many patients and getting fillings in their Read More

Dreams About Teeth

Do you have dreams about teeth?  As a dentist, I thought it is only our profession that dreams about teeth as this is our work and what we see and deal with on a daily basis.  Naturally, it makes sense that you dream about what is going on in your life.  However, in society in Read More

Central Brisbane Dental – Not Your Typical Dentist

Central Brisbane Dental is not your typical dentist.  So many patients are scared to death of seeing the dentist for a variety of reasons.  The clinical setting, the procedure that needs to be done, the instruments that are required and the dental team themselves may evoke different fears in certain patients.  At Central Brisbane Dental, Read More

Affordable Invisible Braces in the Brisbane CBD

Are you looking for affordable invisible braces in the Brisbane CBD?  Like you, many people are.  Invisible braces are the most common type of orthodontics we get asked about and most patients have the preconception that they must be very expensive.  However, this is not true any more as the technology needed to make invisible Read More

Affordable Teeth Whitening in the Brisbane CBD

Did you know there is such a thing as affordable teeth whitening in the Brisbane CBD?  And by affordable teeth whitening, I am not talking about home use teeth whitening strips, toothpastes or controversial fads like charcoal.  I am not talking about cheap teeth whitening done in the beauty salon by someone who doesn’t know Read More

Oral White Patches

Do you have oral white patches on your gums, tongue or lining of your mouth?  Are the white patches thick and plaque-like?  Do you smoke?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should see a dentist or doctor to have your mouth assessed. Some oral white patches in the mouth Read More

Drug Abuse Destroys Your Mouth

Did you know that drug abuse destroys your mouth?  We all know recreational drug use has many negative consequences.  The classic image is of a person with blood shot eyes and bleeding nose, who is shaking and highly irritable or agitated.  However, it may not be known that drug abuse has significant consequences on your Read More

State of Origin Dental Problems

Now that we are approaching State of Origin Game 1, it is appropriate to discuss common State of Origin dental problems.  The annual rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales is fun to watch and great entertainment, but it is also known to cause a few dental problems. Dental Trauma It is not uncommon for Read More

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