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General Dental Extractions

When It's Your Time, It's Your Time

Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved because it is so damaged it can no longer be restored. Sometimes patients elect to remove a tooth instead of carrying out alternative treatment such as root canal treatment.

At Central Brisbane Dental, we can remove or extract most teeth including wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic with the option of Penthrox gas sedation as well. To limit side effects and complications, we carefully assess in the mouth and on x-rays the difficulty of each extraction and the closeness of the teeth to vital structures such as the sinuses in the cheeks and the large nerves in the lower jaw. If we determine your case is very complex or requires general anaesthesia, we can refer you to a recommended oral surgeon.

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Dental Extraction Procedure and Cost

30 Minutes to 1.5 Hour Appointment – Dental Extraction/s

Item 322 or 324 - Surgical Extraction

Description: Extraction of tooth/teeth under local anaesthetic.

Cost: $360-$400.

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Sometimes Less Is More

Pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and bruising are common expected side effects of the tooth removal procedure. Infection, nerve damage and sinus issues are complications of the tooth removal procedure that may occur but do not usually occur with precautions taken to minimize their occurrence.

Infection of the tooth socket may occur as the mouth is full of bacteria. This is more likely if infection is present in the area prior to tooth removal and in those who drink alcohol or smoke. A dry socket can occur if the socket is left exposed and cannot heal properly because the blood clot that guides healing has been washed out. An infected socket can occur after the clot has formed when the socket is not cleaned properly while it is still healing and bacteria start a new infection.

Complications can be avoided by taking care of the area and following your dentist’s instructions after tooth removal.

This Is Why I Don't See The Dentist

Sometimes tooth extraction is unavoidable, but it shouldn’t be something that is overly painful. We look after our patients and ensure they are as comfortable as they can be given the situation. Here are some benefits of tooth extraction:

  • Stopping long term pain
  • Preventing overcrowding in the mouth
  • Preventing tooth decay
  • Preventing gum issues
  • Removing infection
  • Stopping impact to other teeth
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We'll Get It Out Without Trouble

You will feel numb from the local anaesthetic. Avoid eating and drinking until the anaesthetic wears off to prevent injury to your tissues from biting and burns and prevent possible choking and inhalation of food and drink.

Your dentist will stop the bleeding after the tooth is removed and make sure you have clotted, but there is still the risk of bleeding starting again if the area is knocked. Prevent bleeding by leaving the socket alone – do not suck on it and keep your fingers and tongue away. Avoid hot food and drink that day as warm temperatures thin your blood and encourage bleeding. Avoid severe exercise and bending over – take it easy for the rest of the day. Avoid mouth rinsing for the rest of the day so you don’t dislodge the clot. If you accidently knock the area and there is bleeding, you can control it by sitting in an upright position and applying direct pressure to the socket with gauze for 30 minutes.

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Does One Of Your Teeth Need To Be Extracted?

At some stage a lot of us are going to undergo a tooth removal or tooth extraction procedure. For most of us, it will be our wisdom teeth that causes problems and need extraction. Many patients worry about tooth extraction pain. To be honest, most patients that need a tooth removed are already in a lot of pain due to a tooth problem, and they get relief from this after the tooth extraction rather than feel major discomfort from the procedure itself. Of course, the dentist numbs the area up first with local anaesthetic so you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. Many tooth extractions are straight forward, quick and painless. A badly angled tooth or a badly broken tooth extraction procedure is more difficult. These usually require a surgical tooth extraction procedure where the tooth may need to be divided into pieces or some surrounding bone removed to allow the tooth to come out. Tooth extraction healing time depends on the complexity of the treatment, but generally expect two to three days of discomfort while the area heals. Tooth extraction aftercare is very important to ensure the area heals well and you don’t get a dry socket or infection. In difficult cases, the dentist may need to review the area for proper healing and remove any stitches that were placed. Tooth extraction cost again depends on complexity of the tooth removal, but many tooth removals are done in an affordable way at a low cost at our Brisbane CBD dental clinic by our dentists without the need to refer to a more expensive specialist oral surgeon.