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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

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Most of us don’t consider snoring as something to be worried about unless our partner is disrupting our sleep. However frequent snoring can actually be a sign of sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea itself is actually a common problem. It can also be a potentially serious problem because a patient with the disorder repeatedly stops and starts breathing during sleep. Generally breathing will pause or become very shallow for between 10 and 20 seconds before returning to normal. This cycle repeats sometimes hundreds of times a night.

So straight away you can imagine the disruption this causes to your natural sleep rhythm. It will impact your sleep, making it lighter than it would be if breathing was occurring normally. Deep sleep is important for our body and mind. It helps us restore energy and mental sharpness. Having a deep sleep as opposed to an interrupted light sleep will impact our productivity the following day. Prolonged interruptions can lead to more serious fatigue related issues.

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You Need More Rest!

Daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, slow reflexes and an increased risk of accidents are major problems resulting from the chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep apnoea is also associated with long term serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and weight gain. Although it is treatable, sleep apnoea is often unrecognised. Your doctor or sleep physician can diagnose snoring and sleep apnoea problems and get your sleep back on track so you can feel refreshed and alert after a good night’s rest.

Patients with mild to moderate cases of snoring and sleep apnoea may be referred to their dentist by their doctor or sleep physician to make a mandibular advancement splint to open the airway by posturing the lower jaw forwards. These splints can help restore the appropriate breathing patterns for your body while you sleep. This in turn will encourage normal deep sleep patterns which will significantly impact your life for the better.

You'll Sleep Better For It!

If you suffer from sleep apnoea, you may not even realise how much this effects you. Treating sleep apnoea will provide many benefits to your health:

  • No more snoring
  • Regular breathing at night
  • No disruption to your sleep
  • More energy in the day
  • Serious health benefits
  • Improved sleep patterns
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Central Brisbane Dental uses the MDSA Appliance as it was designed in conjunction with Australia’s leading dentists, sleep physicians and dental technicians. The MDSA concept has also been subjected to extensive scientific and clinical testing and evaluations.

Impressions of the patient’s teeth and gums are used to form models on which the MDSA Appliance is made. The dual laminate hard/soft splint material ensures great retention, comfort and durability. The MDSA Components allow a full range of jaw movements so the patient’s jaw is not locked in one position when the appliance is worn.

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Do I Have Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea or obstructive sleep apnoea is not an uncommon problem. The symptoms of sleep apnoea include snoring, extreme tiredness and fatigue, and lack of concentration from not enough proper sleep and rest. Sleep apnoea causes include blockage of the airway during sleep. A sleep apnoea test or sleep study can be carried out at a sleep clinic or sleep centre by a sleep doctor or sleep specialist to confirm its occurrence and severity. In mild cases, sleep apnoea treatment is a special mouth guard made by a dentist and worn during sleep to open the airway, called a mandibular advancement splint. Dentists at our Brisbane CBD dental clinic often make mandibular advancement splints to treat mild sleep apnoea patients. In severe sleep apnoea cases, a sleep apnoea machine called a CPAP machine may be a more appropriate treatment.