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Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Boy With Bad Teeth

Dr. Vincent Wan


A story I wrote for my little boy, Jasper, to help him understand

the importance of looking after your teeth:

A boy had bad teeth

And was sorry to smile

Between those bad teeth

Food got stuck for a while

When salad he ate

Or pork, chicken or beef

The thing he would hate

Were bits in his front teeth

The things he would drink

Would cause orange staining

Drinking he would think

Was a thing for refraining

The boy with bad teeth

Kept his mouth shut

Lips covered his teeth

Like doors on a hut

Lest it be shown

What an awful smile

Lest it be known

His teeth were so vile

Then one bright day

The boy got thinking

Let’s stop this, okay

This feeling of sinking

That fine sunny day

To the delight of his mum

The sorry boy did say

I have been so dumb

From that day on

After every meal

Laziness gone

He cleaned with zeal

Every tooth he brushed

Between each he flossed

He rinsed and flushed

Not the surface just glossed

The boy with bad teeth

No longer was that

He now had great teeth

He could smile and chat

He no longer had fears

To open wide his mouth

Showed all teeth without tears

When his jaw dropped south