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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Review and Maintenance

Dr. Vincent Wan


As with most things in life, dental health requires continual review and maintenance.  Just because you were dentally fit and healthy six months ago, does not necessarily mean you are now.  Just because you have no problems with your teeth and gums at this present time, does not mean they will stay this way in the future.  Continual review and maintenance is the only way to ensure optimum dental health.

Our lives our constantly changing.  What we do for work may change.  We may get a promotion or be made redundant.  We may change jobs altogether.  Our relationships may change.  We may end a relationship.  We may start a new one.  What we do in our spare time may change.  We may begin a new hobby.  We may take up a new sport.

All these things may affect our bodies, including our mouths.  We may be more or less busy and have more or less time to look after ourselves properly.  Our attitude towards certain things may change and we may spend more or less time doing certain things.  There may be a direct impact on our bodies including our mouths from choosing to do or not do certain things or doing certain things differently.

Regular continual review ensures we know what state our mouths are at this present time.  If the current state is less than optimal, then some treatment can be done quickly to correct it before it gets much worse.  If the current state is healthy, then nothing may need to be done besides some maintenance teeth and gum cleaning.  That is why it is recommended to get a checkup and clean done at the dentist every six months.  This continual review and maintenance routine ensures optimum dental health for the long term whatever changes occur in your life that may affect your body.