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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Quick Straight Teeth Procedure

Dr. Vincent Wan


Quick Straight Teeth fast braces in most cases straightens front teeth in as few as 5 appointments over 4 months.

30 Minute Free Consult

You are given the opportunity for one of our accredited dentists to have a look at your teeth and see if Quick Straight Teeth is suitable for you.  We will discuss the options for your case and treatment costs using Quick Straight Teeth as well as any other options.

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1 Hour Record Taking

We comprehensively analyse your whole mouth with a full examination, x-rays, photos and impressions to form study models.  Some special orthodontic x-rays (OPG, Lat Ceph) need to be done at a x-ray clinic and you will be given a referral for these.  To reduce your treatment expense, Quick Straight Teeth specialist orthodontists help treatment plan your case and we the general dentists carry out your treatment with their guidance.

1.5 Hour Insertion

Clear ceramic brackets are bonded to your teeth.  A special wire coated in white is attached to the brackets with small elastics.  Your teeth move according to the shape and elasticity of the special wire.

1 Hour Reviews

There may be one or several of these review appointments depending on the complexity of your case.  The movement of your teeth are checked.  The elastics and special wire are removed and replaced with new elastics and a new wire to continue tooth movement.  If your teeth straightening has finished, impressions can be taken to make retainers to hold your teeth straight.

1 Hour Retainer Insertion

The elastics, wire and brackets are removed and the cement cleaned away.  A retainer wire is bonded to the back of the front teeth to hold the teeth in position.  A removable retainer is supplied for wearing at night time to protect your teeth from moving when sleeping.  You can now smile with straight front teeth.