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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Painless Fillings

Dr. Vincent Wan


There is such a thing as painless fillings.  Continuing our recent theme of making your dental visit not only a pleasant experience but a wonderful one, let us discuss how we can make the dental procedure you require, an easy one.  There are some dental procedures that scare many patients and getting fillings in their teeth is one that is at the top of many patients’ lists.  Many patients are extremely fearful of the needle that is needed to numb the teeth, or the sounds and vibrations of the dental drill.  However, fillings can be done these days without the need for a needle or a lot of drilling, hence the term, painless fillings.

Patients associate getting fillings with how it used to be done.  Previously for fillings to hold into the tooth, a large hole is needed to be prepared.  The tooth had to be numbed so you wouldn’t feel the preparation of the large hole.  The filling took a long time so you would remember all the drilling sounds and vibrations, and needing to keep your mouth open for some time.

With the improvement of dental techniques and filling materials, we can literally provide painless fillings.  Modern dentistry means we only need to remove the most damaged part of the tooth as we can repair the underlying partially damaged part with a therapeutic filling material.  The newer filling materials are strong and adhesive and hold well to your tooth even if the hole is small.  This means that in most cases, only a small hole needs to be prepared.  Because the preparation is small and very far away from the nerve of the tooth, you won’t feel the preparation and you don’t need a needle to numb the tooth up.  The filling can be done very quickly with very little drilling so you won’t need to keep your mouth open for very long.

Don’t worry if you think you need a filling.  If you actually need a filling, you can get painless fillings at Central Brisbane Dental.  Call 3221 8816 today to make your appointment.