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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Our Picks from the Brisbane Festival

Dr. Vincent Wan


So many offerings at the Brisbane Festival!  From music and dance to theatre, opera and cabaret, there is a lot to choose from.  Here are our picks from the Brisbane Festival:


Become locked up together with a group of people in pitch black darkness in a 40 foot shipping container.  Experience what is happening inside the container with the thrill of using your other senses apart from sight.  What you think may be happening may not be happening at all.  How will you cope and what will you do when you are bombarded with suggestive material?  Experience Séance to find out.  Not for the faint-hearted.

Life – The Show

A mix of circus, cabaret and comedy, Life – The Show promises to be another awesome offering from the Courier-Mail Spiegeltent.  It is brought to us from the same people involved with Limbo Unhinged and Blanc de Blanc.  Cirque du Soleil’s Goos Meeuwsen, Violent Femmes’ Blaise Garza, and Limbo’s Mick Stuart and Hilton Denis star in this adventure.  It is billed as a celebration of life and what it means to be a human being in a fun and outrageous fashion.  It also comes with a warning.  Full frontal nudity, drug references, attempted pyrokinesis and other adult themes are strong throughout the show.  Purchase tickets only if you are not easily offended.

California Crooners Club

California Crooners Club is highlighted by Australian actor, Hugh Sheridan.  He’s starred in popular Australian TV shows House Husbands and Packed to the Rafters and won 4 Silver Logies.  However, he can also sing.  Sheridan is joined by singers Emile Welman and Johnny Manuel to bring us elegant tunes with swagger and style.  They won Pick of the Fringe and Critics Circle Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.  They were last present at the Brisbane Festival in 2016 when they introduced themselves to us.  They return in 2018 having established themselves as bonafide smash hit.