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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Our Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

Dr. Vincent Wan


The Nintendo Switch has been doing a great job of reinvigorating games and characters that were at their peak two decades ago. One of the first launch titles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, was one of the best, and definitely the biggest, Zelda titles to launch. Super Mario Odyssey was another great title that came out a few months later. But what I remember the most about the old Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 were all the random party style games that had more focus on multiplayer with family and friends.

The upcoming Super Smash Bros game is one of these classic multiplayer games reinvented for the Switch, and the one most people are probably looking forward too, but Nintendo has already released a couple of great options in the meantime. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one such title.

I must admit, I have no idea who the Rabbids are or where they came from. I did look into it on Google and apparently they have their own game world and adventures. I’m not sure who came up with the idea to mix the two worlds together but this was the first time Nintendo allowed a company other then themselves to work with the Mario characters. The end result is a great looking game with familiarity in the form of the Mario team but with the twist of adding some crazy weapons and a bit of strategy to the action.

In Mario rules you start at the first world and progress through more challenging levels until you reach your next destination. This game works the same, slowly building up the players skill level to handle more complex scenarios while always keeping you visually invested by changing the scenery regularly. The characters in the game are a lot of fun to play with and children will be easily entertained by what’s happening in the game.

It never becomes overly difficult and that is another thing that makes it fun. Rather then being challenging to complete, the challenge might be in competing for the highest scores or just working together with friends and family to complete the levels and unlock all the characters and weapon available.

Having been out for a little while now you can probably pick this game up for around $50 new, and less second hand. Nintendo Switch games second hand are pretty safe as they are running on cartridges instead of discs so worrying about scratches is a non issue.