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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

No Dental Knockoffs

Dr. Vincent Wan


There has been reports in the news recently of dental practices using dental equipment bought from ebay to save money.  Rest assured.  Central Brisbane Dental only buys and uses dental equipment from large, reputable dental companies with a local office in Brisbane.

Using large, reputable companies gives us and our patients piece of mind that the dental equipment, instruments and materials we use meet Australian standards.  They are safe, quality products meant to be used for dentistry and nothing else.

There is the worry that when you buy lower cost equipment from ebay that it is a cheap knockoff.  Does it perform like the official piece of equipment and is it safe to use?

Take the curing lights we use to set white filling material after we have placed it in a cavity to fill it.  Cheap knockoff curing lights may not produce the correct intensity of blue wavelength light to properly set the filling material.  This could result in a filling that breaks down more quickly than it’s supposed to.  The filling could fall out on eating or trap food underneath it and cause the surrounding tooth to decay.

It’s a similar issue with knockoff teeth whitening lamps.  If a whitening lamp does not produce a certain intensity of blue wavelength light, it does not properly accelerate the whitening effect of the teeth whitening gel.  The result is less than maximum teeth whitening.  If the whitening lamp is too intense or produces a lot of heat, you may get a lot of sensitivity or even damage the teeth, gums and lips.

At Central Brisbane Dental, our curing lights come from the same companies that make dental filling material.  There is no question that they will properly set our fillings.  Our teeth whitening lamp comes directly from the company that supplies our teeth whitening kits, Philips Zoom, the most popular and famous teeth whitening system in Australia.  There is no question that we provide safe and effective teeth whitening.