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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Nerf Assembler Gear Review

Dr. Vincent Wan


My 4 year old son may not be old enough to see Avengers: Infinity War.  That doesn’t stop all the big toy companies from making toys based on the movie targeted directly at him.  There’s the usual action figures and dress-up costumes with masks and plastic weapons of The Avengers.  One toy got both our attentions – Nerf Assembler Gear.

Nerf Assembler Gear is pretty loosely based on Avengers: Infinity War.  Apart from having gear for 5 different superheroes from the movie, there is basically no other connection.  There is one gear pack for Ironman, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America and Star-Lord.

Each gear pack is basically a Nerf gun that comes in different pieces.  The design and colour of the pieces are specific for the superhero.  Ironman has a repulsor beam and mainly maroon pieces.  Spiderman has a spider web piece and dark blue pieces.  Hulk has a large green fist and other green pieces.  Captain America has a shield and red and blue pieces.  Star-Lord has a quad blaster and orange pieces.

You can put these pieces together in a few different ways due to different connections on each piece.  Some connections are end-to-end to make the gun longer.  Other pieces can slide into slots on the top, bottom and sides.  So each gear pack can make several styles of Nerf Gun depending on how you arrange the pieces.

What is even better still is that you can combine pieces from different gear packs together to form even more different weapons.  A Captain America shield can have Spiderman’s spider web shooting out of it.  Hulk’s massive green fist can be holding Star-Lord’s quad blaster which can be shooting out Ironman’s repulsor beam.  The combinations are limitless.

This is my son’s favourite toy at the moment.  He likes building what he calls the ultimate weapon by attaching all the pieces he has into one big Nerf gun.  Although still Nerf guns, we prefer these ones to the standard guns that simply shoot foam darts.  At least these ones also encourage creativity and reinforce building concepts.