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Monday, 1 October 2018

Movie World Fright Nights Are Back For 2018

Dr. Vincent Wan


So we’re now in the last week of school holidays for Queensland and this weekend might be a good time to checkout the annual Movie World event, Fright Night. Fright Nights are an after dark event that runs throughout the month of October every year at Movie World. The park is opened later till 10pm and allows visitors to experience some of the famous thrill rides during the dark hours of the night. As well as the rides there are special event features such as mazes, scare zones, unique shows and other horror themed activities.

Movie World recommends that children are not under the age of 14 if they do attend, as well as all children be accompanied by an adult. Tickets can be purchased online here;


It’s important to note that Fright Night officially begins at 4.30pm, if you are only interested in attending the Fright Night activities and you purchase entry to the park just for Fright Night you will have restricted access to the park. You can read more about this on the FAQs page of the Movie World website.


If you’re looking for value for money and you can make it to the Gold Coast at least a couple of times over the next four weeks then you may be more interested in purchasing a season pass to Fright Night which is currently listed at $90. This will grant you unlimited entry during the Fright Night event calendar. Entry to Fright Night for a single evening is currently listed at $45.

Some rides and all the mazes do have fast track passes available for purchase. There are exclusive events such as 3 themed panic rooms for which you can purchase your entry separately. Your teenagers may want to attend this with friends, and dressing up is allowed for those that are interested. There are some rules on any costumes that are worn. Guests faces must be visible at all times for safety, so no masks and only light make up is allowed.

Fright Night itself only runs from 4.30pm till 10pm. If you would like to spend the whole day at Movie World you will need to purchase entry to the park as well as to Fright Night. If you are looking for value for money, we again recommend purchasing an annual pass as just a couple of trips to the theme parks throughout the year will bring substantial savings to your wallet.