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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Invisalign vs ClearPath

Dr. Vincent Wan


When it comes to straightening teeth with clear aligners, most patients think of Invisalign. This is more because of great marketing of their brand, rather than because it is the only product out there. In fact, there are now numerous options available to straighten teeth using clear aligners. At Central Brisbane Dental, we chose to use ClearPath clear aligners as we believe they are superior than Invisalign ones.

Here’s 3 reasons why we believe ClearPath is better than Invisalign:

1. Your Aligners

Invisalign aligners were designed by a patient who was having orthodontic treatment. He believed there must be a better way to straighten teeth instead of using the brackets and wires he was wearing at the time. Invisalign aligners was his solution. However, he didn’t have any dental background or experience so spent most of his money on marketing his product rather than making the best product available. Instead, ClearPath took that initial Invisalign idea and perfected the product with input from dentists and specialist orthodontists rather than focusing their efforts on marketing. We believe the ClearPath aligner is the best available today.

2. Your Teeth

Invisalign makes the dentist glue little shapes of composite resin filling material to your teeth to help their aligners grip and move your teeth. These bits of filling material make your teeth feel lumpy, are harder to clean and don’t look so good up close. They can also come away from your teeth during treatment and need to be replaced. It would be better for your teeth if these weren’t needed. ClearPath has developed a smarter aligner where there is a patented microscopic crisscross pattern on the fitting surface that grips your teeth and moves them without the need for the shapes of filling material. With ClearPath, you don’t have to worry about extra bits of filling material on your teeth.

3. Your Cost

Relying on their well known brand name, Invisalign can obviously charge more expensive prices. ClearPath orthodontic treatment is less costly. ClearPath’s aligner packages are less expensive. Invisalign usually charges per number of aligners. The more aligners you need, the larger the bill. So in cases where you need a lot of aligners, the bill can be quite large. ClearPath has unlimited aligner packages where you pay the same low price no matter how many aligners you need after that. If something doesn’t go as planned and you need more aligners during the course of your treatment, these are in most cases included free of extra charge. If you need more aligners at the end of your proposed treatment to do a little more straightening, these are always included free of extra charge. With ClearPath, you also get 2 sets of removable retainers included free of charge to be worn after aligner treatment is finished to hold your teeth in the corrected positions.