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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Hudsons Circus in Springfield for 2018

Dr. Vincent Wan


The Hudsons Circus has been in Springfield since the 17th of September and there are 3 more shows left over the weekend. Those of you looking to do something a bit different with the family this weekend should definitely check it out. The act itself is full of entertainment, with shows including trained animals, aerial acrobatics and even a globe of death motorcycle stunt that will thrill all ages. It’s a great balance of entertaining guests of all ages at all times.

My favourite performances were the many aerial acrobatic acts. There was a good handful of these acts that showcased the skill of the performers doing extraordinary stunts in the air. The finale of the show was the flying trapeze which even included a blindfolded leap and catch. There were many great stunts performed and I don’t want to spoil them all for those who are able to attend, however some of the performances included rare talents. One particular act had a performer attempting to shoot a target with a bow and arrow using only her feet, she is one of just two people in Australia who have successfully performed the feat.

Taking children is obviously recommended, they will enjoy the show more then you, the circus clown is highly entertaining and very good at engaging with the children on their level. He doesn’t just have fun with the kids though, in a couple of acts he involves adult members of the audience so the kids can have a laugh at the parents doing silly things. The animals involved in the show are also very impressive. The ability for them to learn their routines is mind boggling, and you will be surprised at how well trained and clever these animals are.

You can view information about the show on the Hudson website here;


There are 3 shows left to attend over the weekend. I recommend that you purchase ring side seats in the red zone for the best value for money. You will be right up close to the action and there are many acts where members of the audience are selected to get involved. All of the chosen participants I saw were in ringside seats. You also get the best views and I guarantee that if you sit ringside you will be involved in the show in at least some way.