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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Gap Between the Upper Front Teeth

Dr. Vincent Wan


Do you have a gap between your two upper front teeth?  How do you feel about having the gap?  It is not that uncommon to have a gap between your upper two front teeth.  Many patients accept it or even see it as one of the distinguishing characteristics of their smile.  It is also quite common for patients to seek help from the dentist to close the gap.

A gap between your two upper front teeth may be a genetic trait.  Your genes may determine that those are the positions where your front teeth should be in the jaw bone.  You may have too much space in the jaw bone for all your teeth to fit closely together.  The size of your teeth may be too small for the size of your jaw bone, resulting in spaces between the teeth.  You may have a large frenum between your two upper front teeth.  This piece of soft tissue may prevent your front teeth from touching each other.

There are also other reasons for a gap between your upper front teeth.  Trauma to the area such as a knock to the mouth may cause the teeth to loosen, causing a gap.  Bad habits such as thumb sucking can cause the splaying out of the upper front teeth due to the pressure from the thumb and the sucking action.

Whatever the cause, there are ways to close a space between your two upper front teeth.  A common method is orthodontics.  Placing brackets and wires on the teeth can move teeth together and make them straighter.  If you only want this front space corrected, you may be suitable for Quick Straight Teeth.  With Quick Straight Teeth, only your front teeth are corrected, resulting in faster and less expensive orthodontic treatment.  ClearPath aligners can also be used to do the same orthodontic treatment if you want a more inconspicuous option.  Aligners are sets of thin clear plastic trays worn over the teeth 22 hours per day.  Gaps can be closed and teeth straightened by changing sets every two weeks until they are all complete.

If you don’t want orthodontic treatment, you can place plastic filling material or porcelain on the teeth to hide the gap.  This is commonly known as dental veneers. Composite resin plastic filling material can be bonded and set in place, closing the space straight away.  Porcelain is stronger and aesthetically superior but requires two appointments.  One appointment is to prepare the teeth, take impressions and place temporary veneers.  The second appointment is to cement in the permanent veneers after they have been made by the dental technician.

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