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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Dentist Themed Christmas Toys for 2018

Dr. Vincent Wan


Well Christmas is almost upon us again. We thought we would help out with the Christmas shopping by preparing a list of age appropriate gifts that encourage good dental health. I’ve been out to the shops a couple of times already this December looking for the latest fads that kids will be looking for. To be honest, there is not a lot of fresh ideas at this time of year.

Some of the usual suspects like different slime and goo products, unicorn themed toys, fur real friends are out there. I saw a lot of robots and lego packages as well as a few random collectible toys that sit on the wrists or fingers for the kids. If you have gaming consoles, Nintendo has done well with their end of year gaming releases, Pokemon Let’s Go is probably the biggest item at the moment. So yeah, my advice is sit your kids down with some catalogues or on some store websites and get them to point out different things they have their eye on. I like to give our girls a budget and let them try to calculate what they can get with that money.

Now for the dental themed ideas. I’ve tried to find a few different items for different age groups here.


Kogan has this little plastic dentist kit available on their store, priced at just $13.64. In my experience kids up to 5 or 6 have the most fun with these kinds of toys. Pretending to have jobs or prepare meals in the kitchen. I recently bought a cat tower from Kogan with AfterPay for $99.95. The delivery on that item was a day or two later then it estimated online. However I also bought a new tv for the girls loungeroom and I was contacted by Kogan via text to confirm a December 20 drop off time which I thought was great service. With the cat tower as well, it was a lot cheaper then many options online and impressive quality. If you haven’t used Kogan before I do recommend them so far. This item has estimated 1-2 day shipping at the moment.


I haven’t purchased from these guys before however the girls grandparents had a lot of these toys which they passed onto the girls. Again, this is more for the younger ones but these toys are good quality. This package is just $24.50. Be careful with the pictures though it does not include a lot of the furniture like the reception tables and the building being used. Those are a separate purchase which is explained on the website.


I had some trouble locating this toy from an Australian store, we don’t always get the full range of items over here. This one is a Barbie dentist, it looks good. This website is offering it for $96 but it comes with warnings about the shipping time. Might be worth trying to find this one elsewhere or giving it a miss. I included it because it’s a great looking gift.


For the older kids this is a dental hygiene model. Something a bit different. Maybe you have kids that are interested in becoming a dentist, maybe you have kids that are pretty interested in Biology, or maybe you just want to give your teenagers a hint.

And finally, here is a shameless plug for any adults you may be shopping for. Central Brisbane Dental has Teeth Whitening deals where you can get a professional whitening service for just $550.

Stay safe over the Christmas and New Year period!