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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Central Brisbane Dental – Not Your Typical Dentist

Dr. Vincent Wan


Central Brisbane Dental is not your typical dentist.  So many patients are scared to death of seeing the dentist for a variety of reasons.  The clinical setting, the procedure that needs to be done, the instruments that are required and the dental team themselves may evoke different fears in certain patients.  At Central Brisbane Dental, we’ve tried to address all these areas in an effort to make your visit with us not only more pleasant, but hopefully a wonderful experience.  In this blog article, let us start with why Central Brisbane Dental is not your typical dentist by telling you how we go to lengths to put you into the ideal environment for dental care.

The Perfect Environment For Dental Care

Many patients are immediately scared when they enter a surgery-type setting.  The sterile room with the white walls and the disinfectant smell evokes a fear of what is going to happen in that room, perhaps due to what has been depicted on TV shows or in movies.  Central Brisbane Dental tries to remove that association by creating an environment which is different to the typical surgery.  From the 3D Star Wars displays in the reception area to the collectible figurines throughout the practice to the family photos posed with superheroes, each piece is meant to make the practice less surgery-like and make you say, “this is a cool place!”.

In each treatment room, we also have a screen on the ceiling onto which a projector plays a DVD.  You can enjoy something from our vast collection or bring in your own favourite disc.  Scientific research tells us that watching the screen and reading subtitles during treatment is not only fantastic entertainment but great for visual distraction, keeping your mind away from the treatment that you are receiving.

When patients come into the practice, they often positively comment on how Central Brisbane Dental is not your typical dentist or dental practice.  Whether the patient is extremely anxious about dental treatment or not, their feedback is always positive regarding the practice displays and DVDs.  They confirm that the environment we’ve tried to create is not your normal surgery-type setting but a cool setting that takes their mind away from dental treatment.  Come check it out for yourself today!