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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Best Food at the Ekka

Dr. Vincent Wan


Best Food at the Ekka

The Ekka is famous for the iconic strawberry sundae and the foot long dagwood dog.  However, you should save some room for other tasty treats and there are quite a lot of them.  Here are our recommendations from this year’s selections:

Woodfire BBQ

Sideshow Alley is known as the place for thrilling rides and testing your skill at  various games to see if you can win a big prize.  However, there are also food stalls to replenish your energy littered throughout Sideshow Alley.  Woodfire BBQ draws you in with their delicious barbeque aromas.  The tender baby back pork ribs and hot buttered corn are our recommendations.  Just make sure you get them freshly cooked or they aren’t as good when they have dried out.

Hoy Pinoy

As we walked towards the food stalls of Gourmet Plaza, we couldn’t help but be drawn towards the delicious smell and smoke coming from Hoy Pinoy’s open air grill.  It’s Filipino street food at it’s best.  Go for the giant tender chicken or pork belly skewers.  You will be impressed by the taste as well as the size of their skewers.


A puffle is both a main meal and a dessert all in one.  The outside is a classic Hong Kong street food called an eggette, which is basically an egg waffle with circular instead of square shapes.  Instead of eating it au naturel or with ice cream, this stall fills their eggettes with Korean spicy fried chicken or sweet bulgogi beef.  We think the sweet bulgogi beef goes perfectly with the fluffy egg waffle.

Tornado Potato

The name of this treat is impressive by itself, but having one of the longest line-ups in the Woolworths Food Pavilion confirms it’s place as the ideal snack.  You get a whole potato sliced thin and spun round and round on a stick so you get one mega long, ultra thin slice on a skewer.  Watching the attendant do this was cool in itself.  Deep fry and add chicken salt and you get the best way to get a potato ever imagined.

Jucy Juice

Wash all the food down with fresh juice served inside the fruit at Jucy Juice inside the Woolworths Food Pavilion.  Everyone will be jealous of you as you sip away at your pineapple juice served in the pineapple or the watermelon juice served in a mini watermelon.