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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Best Activities for Young Children at the Brisbane Festival

Dr. Vincent Wan


The Brisbane Festival is here again for another year.  There’s plenty to see and do, but not all of it is suitable for young children.  Of course, Sunsuper Riverfire celebrating the end of Brisbane Festival is a must for older children and adults.  As usual there will be a massive all-day concert, cumulating in a spectacular fireworks display.  The theme of the soundtrack this year is sci-fi and superheroes which sounds fun.  However, little children just can’t last the day and stay up late for the fireworks.  Here are our picks for the best activities for young children at the Brisbane Festival this year:

#CelebateBrisbane River of Light

The #CelebrateBrisbane River of Light is a spectacular show of lasers and lights over the top of giant spirals and dynamic jets of water.  This would be amazing by itself, but on top of that the technology is used to tell the traditional Aboriginal story of how the Brisbane River came about.  Come to the free show to experience how the Brisbane River was created by the dreaming serpent to become the life blood of Brisbane.

House of Mirrors

Located at the Brisbane Treasury Arcadia, the House of Mirrors is your classic maze of mirrors.  A myriad of mirrors are carefully arranged to provide optical illusion with precise geometry.   It will challenge your physically and psychologically as you make your way through.  Some people are delighted.  Some people are amazed.  Some people are frightened.

BrainBuzz Live

BrainBuzz is a new educational children’s show on Channel Nine.  It is produced in Brisbane.  It teaches children about science by answering all those scientific questions that they always wonder about.  This free show located in the Brisbane City Hall Main Auditorium will let children get up close and personal with the hosts and characters from the show.  They promise excitement, experiments and maybe even some explosions.