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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Are You An Awesome Dad?

Dr. Vincent Wan


There’s always the joke that we don’t want socks and jocks as presents.  For myself, I have been eying some of the Lego Batman construction sets or maybe another PS4 game.  Since we had our little boy, Jasper, we try and give presents that we can all enjoy together as a family.  He loves all things Batman, building Lego together and playing games, be it board games or PS4 games.  However, above any wrapped gift, there’s nothing more I want this Father’s Day than for us to continue to spend quality time together.

Even with the busyness of running 2 dental practices, we always do something together as a family every weekend.  Little children grow up so quickly.  I don’t want to be the father who missed my child’s important milestones and regretted it later in life.  Or worse still, have a son who holds a grudge against me for not being there for him when he was little.

In my mind, the greatest obstacle to spending quality family time together is health.  You may have the desire to do something, but you may not be able to physically do it due to poor health.  Am I fit enough to keep up with an active boy, who is always full of energy?  Will I huff and puff and be too fatigued to chase after him at the park?

As a dentist, our expertise is in oral health.  However, oral health and general health go hand in hand.  What you eat and drink directly affects not only your teeth and gums, but your whole body.  We have a responsibility to promote general health as well as oral health.

My goal this Father’s Day is to maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine to be fit and healthy.  I want to be an awesome Dad!  What’s your goal?