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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Automated Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Vincent Wan


Are we getting so lazy these days that we can’t even hold a toothbrush and brush our own teeth?  Are we so short of time that we can’t even spare a couple of minutes morning and night to clean our teeth?  That is what the latest oral hygiene invention claims.

The newest in homecare for the mouth is an automated teeth cleaning device.  Basically, it is a set of soft mouthguards that are inserted into the mouth to which a battery unit attaches.  Turn it on and it claims to clean all your teeth in just 10 seconds.  You can also attach a different set of soft mouthguards so another user can share the same battery unit.

Does it actually work?  At the moment it is awaiting group funding on Kickstarter, so it cannot be tested until it actually goes into production.  It is already quite popular on the site with numerous pledges to help finance the project, so you can at least say in theory it should be a success.  Why you say?  I guess the concept speaks to all of us looking for an easier and faster way to do even the simplest but quite tedious of everyday things, such as cleaning our teeth.

From a dentist’s point of view, this automated teeth cleaning device, like any new oral hygiene product, is not a bad thing as long as it actually does clean the teeth properly.  However, there have been many oral hygiene products claiming this and that but in reality, does not out-perform brushing with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste.  Remember there is also more to proper oral hygiene than just brushing, so even if this product does work well to replace brushing, you will still need to floss and rinse with a mouthwash in addition to using this device.