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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Are You Anxious About Your Next Visit To The Dentist?

Dr. Vincent Wan


We understand that many patients are anxious about coming to see the dentist.  Some patients are even fearful of dental treatment.  At Central Brisbane Dental, we pay attention to some of the little things to make anxious or fearful patients feel more at ease.


Many patients are anxious because they fear the unknown.  They don’t know what will happen at their dental appointment and fear it will be uncomfortable or they will feel pain.  We take the time to understand a patient’s concerns and explain everything before we carry it out so there are no surprises.


One of the best methods to relieve anxiety and fear is to make the patient think about something else, distract them.  Our dental practice is littered with pop culture references to make it less like a dental practice.  From 3D Star Wars displays on the walls of the waiting room to the collectable movie, TV show and cartoon  figurines on the shelves and windowsills, Central Brisbane Dental looks nothing like your typical dental practice.  We also have a projector in each surgery showing a DVD on the ceiling during treatment.  Reading the subtitles and following the DVD requires concentration and takes your mind off what is happening in your mouth.


Some patients are extremely anxious or fearful and require a little something extra.  We can prescribe Valium for these patients to take before their appointment to make them feel more at ease.  The newest form of happy gas, the Penthrox inhaler, is also available.  Penthrox is controlled by the patient who can breathe in more or less of the gas as they need.  There is no worry about consuming too much as you can just breathe back out the excess.  It is commonly used before giving local anaesthetic or for extraction of teeth, particularly wisdom teeth removal.