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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Affordable Invisible Braces in the Brisbane CBD

Dr. Vincent Wan


Are you looking for affordable invisible braces in the Brisbane CBD?  Like you, many people are.  Invisible braces are the most common type of orthodontics we get asked about and most patients have the preconception that they must be very expensive.  However, this is not true any more as the technology needed to make invisible braces has become cheaper and widely available with many major brands besides Invisalign now in existence.

All the major brands such as Invisalign, ClearCorrect and ClearPath, basically do the same thing.  They make your teeth straighter by having you wear a series of thin, clear plastic aligners over your teeth.  By wearing each set at least 22 hours per day for 2 weeks until all sets are completed, your teeth will move into the corrected position little by little every 2 weeks.  There is no need for the ugly, uncomfortable metal brackets or wires that come to mind when traditional braces are mentioned, giving aligners the name invisible braces.  In fact, they are virtually invisible when worn due to their thin, clear plastic design.

Central Brisbane Dental uses ClearPath aligners as we believe they are not only effective, but the most affordable invisible braces in the Brisbane CBD.  The special design of the aligner material allows ClearPath aligners to better grip onto your teeth and move them.  This allows ClearPath aligners to effectively move your teeth without the need to glue bits of plastic filling material onto your teeth to aid the aligners grip your teeth unlike other brands.  The bits of filling material can irritate your gums and tongue, make cleaning harder, and attract more staining and discolouration, detracting from their claim of invisibility.  Competitive brands also charge per number of aligners needed.  Your package may include 7 or 14 aligners, but if you need more aligners after these, you will be required to pay an additional cost.  ClearPath packages offer an unlimited number of aligners so you will not pay anything extra no matter how many aligners you need.

We have a promotion at the moment where you receive unlimited ClearPath aligners for top and bottom teeth for only $5999 (normally $8000-9000).  If you are interested in ClearPath aligners for top or bottom teeth only, an unlimited aligners single arch ClearPath package is only $3999 (normally $5000-6000).  Ask us about affordable invisible braces in the Brisbane CBD!  Call Central Brisbane Dental on 3221 8816 today to book your free 30 minute ClearPath consultation! View Terms and Conditions.